About us

Sir Knight's Kennel's reputation is built on breeding a tremendous lineage and bloodline.  We pride ourselves on raising the absolute best Presa Canario possible.  Our dogs make for great family members as well as protectors.  We invite you to come visit our dogs in person so you can get to know each of them and experience their temperament. Seeing is believing!


At Sir Knight's Kennel, we want our family to become a part of your family. We are committed to help you make the right choice and giving you an addition to your family that you will be proud of for many years to come.


Upon visiting our facility you can see the parents on hand, as well as the puppies, and interact with the dogs. You will have the opportunity to learn their behaviors and our staff are there to answer all your questions.


We choose the Presa breed because their willing to protect, watch, and guard.  The breed attaches itself to the family and has the desire to serve. We strive to producing superior companions and guardians of the Presa Canario breed.


At Sir Knight's you get a Royal Bloodline. We stand behind each and everyone of of Family! 

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"Sir Knight's Kennel gave us our addition to our family and it has been an amazing decision "CHAOS" is everything we had hoped for"

Joshua Norman, Chaos' owner


“Best dog I ever owned, Thanks Sir Knight's Kennels "Bronx" is AMAZING OUR CHILDREN PLAY WITH HIM DAILY.

The Roberts Family, Bronx's Family